Friday, 22 July 2011

The Wanderer returns

Been a while since I was last here again, Ive turned into one bad blogger, but to be fair life is just busy, busy, busy.  Ive started selling handmade cards on ebay again - so in need of the extra cash, so most nights I am churning out personalised cards leaving little time for anything else!

Lottie broke her arm in June so have spent the last few weeks back and forth to hospital appointement, Im hoping that when we go on wednesday the cast will be off for good and everything will be ok again!  Fingers crossed.

Well while most people have broken up from school we still have 2 days to go next week, so unfair, I need a holiday!


SusieJ said...

Hope Lotte is fully recovered soon Joanne. Sending her hugs and sparkles. xx
You sound awfully busy - bet you'll be pleased when term is finally over - I remember the days of "odd" holidays when other counties had finished and we still had days to go - presumably you'll make it up at the end of the hols?
How was your year? Still enjoying teaching?
I've missed you.
Hugs xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

great to see you back jo, sorry to hear about lottie, sparkles coming her way... steven broke his at school when he was 5, I can remember all those trips to the hossie, not much fun...

ours don't break up till weds next week, so dreading the shops thursday, onwards, lol... enjoy your 5-6 weeks break...

maria xx