Wednesday, 6 August 2008

New Stash!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont you love it when the postie rings the doorbell and hands you lots of parcels! Well mine only handed me one, but it still made me smile, it was my card kit from sarahs cards ltd and some blooms as Im running low (well Im down to my my last 100!) I can't cope without lots and lots of blooms!

So this is the kit the postie bought me, and its fab, I havent ever bought a card kit before, only scrapping kits so this was a nice surprise to unwrap. It was well packed with a neat little book of ideas too! Can't wait to have a play!

So all Im waiting for is my little bind-it-all and Ill be all set, oh and my Theresa Collins tavellogue papers ready for my America album, the pics arrived this lunchtime from Photobox (we only went in 2002, and Im just going to start the album. Might make my own in a 12x6 size, which always looks good on Lauras blog!

Right the kitchen is calling, must be nearly dinnertime for dd as she is getting naughty!

TTFN xxx

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Helen said...

i have just started a sub with sarahs card kits, it is lovely isnt it.