Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Ok so an update, One thing that I didnt say this morning when I wrote my post was how ill I felt today. I struggled in knowing that my assessment was due and that I had prepared for it so needed to do it!

Well it turns out (after I stuggled through the assessments - where I forgot which child I was talking to each time I spoke to them and whose turn it was to read!!!!) that I have tonsillitus, so am now cram packed full of horrible anitbiotics, tucked into the spare room bed with my laptop playing iplayer episodes of eastenders that I havent seen for weeks, and guess what, I have 2 more whole days where I can sit like this and chill out, may even take friday if I fancy it too!!!! YAY!!! well not yay Im ill, but yay I can be lazy, perfect time to find my mojo I feel!

Anyhow I have been told (despite being completely off the planet with tonsilitus) that I have the potential to be a grade 1 outstanding teacher, and to pull my socks up, stop worrying that Im not good enough and get on with it! So I can now believe what Im good at and get even more stuck into it than I was, but I am lovin what IM doing and Im happy in my job for the first time in a long time!!!


SusieJ said...

WTG Joanne!
Sorry you have tonsillitis but hope the "chilling" time brings your mojo back.
Sparkles for a speedy recovery.
Sue xx

Helen said...

well done joanne, you deserve, enjoy chilling and finding your mojo and get well soon.