Sunday, 24 January 2010

Stash Haul update!!!!!

Ok, so I have stopped scrapping for a while, just because I get so little time to scrap and cardmaking has sort of come to the forefront as I can generally make a card in 15/20 mins and thats about all the spare time I ever! So what I should also have added to the stash haul last night was:

Brenda Pinnick scrap keeper album
Brenda Pinnick card keeper
QVC's multi technique kit - bit I got mine from readicut for £19.99 - bargain - QVC want about £35.00 for it!
A pack of 50 square cards
Black PM adhesive stone
Subscription to crafts beautiful magazine - which if you do subscribe to you will recieve a PM hugs and honey kit, which is worthwhile even if you only decide to subscribe to for the 3 months direct debit - £8.45!

So I admit, Im a stash-o-holic and that stash ban I put on my spending at the beginning of the month has made my spending worse, so I now have no stash ban and hopefully will stop buying cos I dont feel that I need to! Lol! SO here are some of the cards that I have made with the qvc kit aready, just some simple decoupage but effective nonetheless.

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SusieJ said...

Beautiful cards Joanne and an even more impressive stash haul!
Sue xx