Saturday, 21 March 2009

Mothers Day .....Finished

Well all my projects that I was trying to get done for mothers day are complete and Steves mums pressie is winging its way to her via royal mail, will take pics later as I havent had much time this week to. So I have made 3 cards and 3 mini albums to go in those cute little suitcases I got for a bargain the other week. They dont look bad if I do say so myself! Not up to my usual standards but not bad nonetheless.

Its been a funny ole week for me this week, I was put on some meds last week and by last weekend I was iller than I would ever have imagined, so I made the descision to come off of them and just see what happens. I have had issues all week but Im hoping that they will all just fade away over the next week as I need to start feeling myself again!

Its parents evening this week and of course because Im not teaching staff I officially dont have to do them, but parents want them, so all week long I have had to try and fit them into my schedule which means I have to stay late every night this week in order to get as many of them done as possible! I dont mind doing them, I just wish that they would pay me a bit more!

I have lost my DS, well when I say lost I dont really mean lost, I mean a certain someone has stolen it and wont give it back. Blinking Bear Factory game!

Last night I was spoilt, we had a Dominoes Pizza, my all time favourite with their really yummy garlic bread, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I did enjoy it, then fell asleep about 8.30pm as I was felling awful!

Plans for today....none, well ironing must come into it somewhere, but with Steve off sick at the moment I havent really been motivated to do house work in the evenings, hence the ironing really suffering at the moment. I must do some more prep for parents evening and then I would like to do some scrapping I got the cosmo cricket set from QVC a couple of weeks ago, only opened it and looked properley a couple of days ago, there are some sticker sheets missing but cant be bothered with sending it all back so Ill just go without! I fancy doing the photo cube so may get that out and do that. Ive lost my cropodile, cant find it anywhere at the moment so if you do find it for me let me know. Fortunatly I do have a bigbite so Im not totally lost! its just a bit cumbersome at times.

Im sending some ((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))) to Ems this weekend, cheer up hun, its not the end of the world, and you get to stay working with me for a bit longer! Is that a bonus, may be, maybe not! LOL!

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