Monday, 23 March 2009

My fourth

Mothers Day that is, well yesterday anyhow! Was spoilt with shopping trip for some new shoes, which had to be an absolute bargain at only £4.00 and some new slippers, ok some wouldnt call it spoilt, ut I do! I badly needed some new slippers and shoes and I dont mind what they cost, Id rather have them than a bunch of flowers that i wont see as Im working full time!

I had a great day, with a treat of lunch out and then mum came for tea too, which was really nice, dont see that much of her now, even though she only lives a few doors down. Seem to see less than when we lived miles apart!

Ohhhhhh Pretty Woman is on, I lurveeeeeeeeee that film, cant remember how many times I have seen this film but I never tire of it!

Well tis time for me to say goodnight as the tv is far more important than blogging! Tomorrow sees the start of parent consultations, an yes I still have prep to do, but hey ho there are more important things in life than work!!!!!!!!

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Clairewill said...

Glad you had a lovely mothers day xx