Thursday, 20 December 2007

Four more crafting days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only four more days to go till my mum's book needs finishing, OMG!!!! Ive still got 15 pages to go, were do I start, perhaps I shouldnt be on here!!!

Went for a very nice lunch with the girly's from work, at the local chinese as our christmas meal. Really enjoyed it actually and off out for lunch again tomorrow with my brothers girlfriend. This has to be the most Ive been out in a week for a long time, who cares Im enjoying myself!!!

Did my xmas food shopping yesterday and picked up the last remaining bits today, Im not planning on visiting the shops again till almost new year if I can help it!

Sent the last of the xmas cards first class and my last internet ordered pressies have been delivered so now apart from my scrapping I feel ready. Its our first xmas day at home on our own, we usually spend it with my parents but felt this year it would be nicer for us to be at home therefore boxing day will be spent with my mum, Im not sure how much I want to be doing all the cooking on xmas day but Ill give it a go, roast turkey and beef, stuffing and sausage and bacon rolls, sprouts (not for me though!) carrots, roasties and peas (again not for me, dont do green veg!) Followed by christmas pud with custard and cream and mince pies, coffee after dinner mints and then probably more chocolate mints and mince pies. Christmas day really is a day for feeling huge and fat, but I love it.

Well Im off to scrap and get some more of this book done or Ill be in trouble xmas day!!!

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