Friday, 27 February 2009

What a whirlwind

Well the last few days have flown byIve done no crafting as I have been busy with getting my GTP application finished, so fingers crossed I get an interview!

Steve finally has seen the doctor and has an inner ear infection so is fairly poorly and spaced out at the moment from the horse tranquilizers he is on from the docs (only joking, but they are making spacey!) which is good for me as it means no rows!

AM frantically trying to get some work stuff sorted out at the moment, and keep finding new ways to do things there, if only I could decide which way I liked best!!! I have been given 2 days of non contact time to get on and do my development/learning journey stuff, which is really useful so next week Im on non contact monday morning and all day tuesday - its creativity week next week, shame it wasnt thursday I was out oall day I would have missed the morris dancing!!!! Think Ill offer to be the photographer for that one, Im NOT prancing round with bells on my knees!!!!!lol!

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