Thursday, 12 February 2009

Getting better

Wel its almost friday and buy am I pleased! Charley is beginning to feel better although at times you can still tell she is ill!!! Have really got to get on with finishing that tag bok I made last weekend for Steve for valentines and find where I put that card, Im glad that I got organised though or I would be in a mad panic now trying to do everything! Dissappointed though that I didnt get that spain album done for him! Oh well theres always fathers day.

So valentines day at the weekend, what do we all have planned. we are doing absolutely nothing at all, cards but no pressies, and Im sticking to it this year so I hope that he does! Saturday night Im even letting him out with the boys!!! Im just looking forward to curling up in front of the tv and catching up on some the sick child/loss of sleep that I have suffered from this week!

Must get on an do some ironing, it always feel sooooo good when all the washing is done but then do you get that flat feeling where you realise that there is so much ironing you dont know what to do with it, I iron everything as well, the only things I dont iron are towels, socks and charleys school sweaters and fleecy pj's so you can imagine the pile!

So tonights goal is to iron one baskt of clothes at least (but this is only so I have some trousers for work tomorrow!!!) Thank heaven for the Bill which I always iron too, but then agian I also need to do some food shopping, descisions, decisions what do I do, shopping or ironing, questions on a postacard to:!

Gosh my life sounds so boring when I sit typing about shopping and ironing doesnt it, but its not, I have a fab daughter (well most of the time!) and a great job that I actually love, even though I moan about it all the time and a lovely house, what more could I want out of life!!!! MONEY!!!!!lol!

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