Saturday, 21 February 2009

Make it, Farnborough 2009!

So today I made it to the Make It show, wasnt sure that I would, but I did and we spent hardly any time here, I was surprised how little it was after all the raves I had heard about last year. Some of my fave online stores were here inc sraft superstore and crafty devils as well as a few more that will be becoming my faves, incluing craftwork cards! Oh no! No more ribbons please, one of my weaknesses is my ribbons I have way too many and I hate cutting them up and making things with them! I only bought one lot today and that was redy for my friends wedding album that I am going to make her when she finally ties the knot in May 09, I never thought she was the marrying type, but then these days nothing astounds me!

So here is my tiny plie of stash that I spent over £25.oo, I was after one oof these mats for stamping for a while and it was a bargain price, the chipboard album is going to be drawn round and several more will be made ready for xmas as pressies I was after one for a template so that worked well. My treat to myself was some copic markers, and now I wish that I had bought more, but I have the basic colours ready for my penny black stamps and I have a few of the hedgehoggy ones!
I was lucky today as Ruth drove and I had the luxury of being driven, Ruth picked up a few bargains too! Would I go next year, maybe!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

lovely bit of stash jo, and yes it was smaller than last year...


tartantaz said...

great little pile of stash, although you said you were disappointed at how little was there, it looks as if you have had a good day.

T x (artistic crafter)