Friday, 27 February 2009

Ever seen a lemonade fountain....

Well I have all over my kitchen floor...

Charlotte ''Mummy where is my drink''
Mummy ''You didnt ask for one, Ill be there in a sec''

about 20 sec's later....

Charlotte '' Mummy there isnt any lemonade left''
Mummy - knowing there was a flaming full bottle ''Where has it gone then?''
Charlotte - now crying ''Its empty''
Mummy - flying down the stairs at a million miles an hour into a flooded kitchen where a whole 2l bottle is all over the floor! ''What have you done'' Ok maybe not in such nice terms, but dont want ot scare peeps with my bad language!

So having used about 12 tea towels and washed it twice, my feet are still sticking to the floor and i am still cursing as it was the last bottle of lemonade in the house, I have come up stairs to craft or I shall be swearing even more than I was 1/2 an hour ago!

Did just get bought the yummiest ever chinese - well apart from the pineapple chicken - Yuck, Yuck, Yuck sweet chicken-not my thing, but the pork chop suey and chicken satays did the trick, off to eat the hugestest slice of lemon cheesecake as the DIET starts tomorrow for real, I cant go to America looking like such a chubby bunny!!!lol!

Will be dreaming of swimming through my flood of lemonade for weeks now!


Helen said...

oh no....sticky floor is the worst! hate to say, but a true scrapper would have got the camera first!!! will run and hide nice, :-)

Joanne said...

No Helen Im not a true scrapper then am I! lol just a very sticky mummy!!!!!