Monday, 9 February 2009

My Poorly Baby!

Have one poorly girly here with me as I type today, if fact in 4 years Ive never taken time off of work for her, and today I did, just the morning and I have to take tomorrow morning off too, bt she is worth it! She is covered in blotches and has a high temp and just wants to sleep, chill and cuddle whilst watching any crummy kids show possible! I hope she gets better soon!

So I havent managed to do anything today including the washing!!! And there was plenty from last night when she was an ickle bit sickle all over my spare room floor!!!!! Have just got first load in tumble dryer and should pop on anther load really but I just want to cuddle her!

I did manage another layout and mini book yesterday in the cyber crop but there was a lot of classes that didnt appeal to me and the beading one was one I had to say no too because of my hands which are beginning to play up again, flaming carpel tunnel, I should really get them looked at again but I dont want surgery! Oh well,will continue to suffer in silence!

Right going to sort out the washing, running out of all clothes and even towels now!!!!


Helen said...

hope charley feels better soon and you manage to catch up on the washing

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sending ***sparkly vibes*** for charley,

(((hugs))) to you both...

maria x