Friday, 13 February 2009

Hooray, Hooray, its a holi-holi-day!

Well starting 3.30pm! I just have to convince mum to keep hold of Charley for a bit so I face the dreaded Tesco's - no I wasnt brave enough togo out last night in the cold and freeze my huge bottom off!, then I have a whole week off work, no getting out of bed at stupid o'clock, no fussing over whether I have any work clothes ironed, one week of slobbing out in pj's till lunch and trackies till bed!!!

Oh and that means more time for crafting, crafting and stash shopping, although not sure the bank balance will agree with the final one, so maybe just using up some stash. Ive had a few bits this month despite saying that I would save for my holiday, have I??? Nope not a penny has gone in the account for spending money! Instead I have had 2 sets of autumn leaves stamps - circlular sentiments and talking circle mom ones, some lush mini autumn leaves stamps from scrappydos, who are closing down, boo hoo!, some ltiny alphas - adornit and making memories, which I used during cyber crop week and lots of other little bits and bobs along the way too!

My goal next month - no spending - yeah like that will happen, Iquite fancy Kirsty Wisemans CD. Talking of Kirsty, check out this oost on her website, perhaps you might like to help too! You have to scroll down a bit 2 years too close to 40 - long post, may induce sleep Im going to help!

So last night the ironing won, not much of the ironing though, only 2 baskets (shhhhh dont tell anyone but one was full of socks and towels that didnt heed ironing, but it made it look like Id done loads!) 2 down, 2 to go!!! Whahay what joy for the weekend!!! I really must get my GTP application done as well this weekend or Ive no chance of doing the course, not that I mind if I dont get on, Ill be dissappointed, but I do love my job at the moment and would be quite happy to stay doing what Im doing for a bit longer!!!!

Was good for a second time though cos I found the piccies to stick onto Steves tag album I made at the weekend, have gone for piccies of him with Charley, so she can give him a little gift, just need to make a little card with her for him and we are sorted!

My life is full of ...just need to's... at the moment if you notice, ironing, card make with Charley, GTP appication shop, will I ever have it all done!!!

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

happy half term jo, know what you mean no 'clock watching', great isn't it?

also it gives me 'us' time with Steven, which I enjoy, taking him bowling Monday...

maria x