Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Papermania Snag 'ems, I love em!

Yay, school is closed again today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made a couple of cards last night, mainly cos a 3rd day of Charley, that wasnt planned did my head in, I do love her but...cbeebies for a 3rd day on the trot isnt funny in my book.

The first card I made was with my new PM snag em stamps. I love this ickle tree stamp and the little swirl that goes with it is also divine. So I stamped the little swirls with black stazon ink, onto a pearescent card and then filled in the gaps with just one of the heads of the flowers stamped inbetween. I stamped a tree, with more black stazon, and added some clear gem stickers, the really tiny ones, that I never know what to do, but they are just perfect on this little tree, shame you cant see them too well. I added a 'PM' wire 'thanks' word, which has been kicking around in my stash for so long, and I never know what to do with it! To finih a length of very yummy velvet ribbon wiht more adhesive gems! I love this card and am going to make a load more and send them to peeps to thank them for xmas pressies, which I still havent done because Im bad!!!

My second card is one for MIL who goes into hospital today and has a major knee op tomorrow, good luck Joanie! This is K&Co Berry Sweet papers which I absolutley love (esp the unicorn one which I didnt use on here as I only have one sheet left anf want it for a page for Charley!), my yummy cats eyes chalk ink in maroon, am totally loving these stackable little pots of fun, and some blooms from my stash. The sentiment is one of the 99p studio G stamp sets, which are wickedly cheap and cheerful! Topped off with a fabric covered brad, which again is yummy - well anything with texture is isnt it??????

This is the view from my bedroom window thismorning, lovely coloured skies, and yes you might even be able to make out some flakes of snow, cos its still snowing!

Well charley is tucked up in our bed watching, yes you guessed it, cbeebies, so thats why Im here blogging again. Am going to brave the ice later and pop to the tesco express and pick up another bottle as the one from last night has mysteriously all gone now, who drank it? I guess we shall never know!

Have decided though that if work is still shut tomorrow Charley is going into preschool, but knowing my luck it will reopen tomorrow so I wont get any peace, please keep your fingers crossed for me that it snows more and more and more and I cant go in!!!!!

PS... thick flakes are falling as I type, I may be very lucky!!!!!! Please dont stop falling!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can just about see them here! Do note my drive is snow free at the moment... explained below...

And the snow on the fence here (this is the lady opposite us) yes that would be the snow that DH cleared (or should I say flicked) off of our drive across the road, looks like someon had a mass snowball fight with the fence in my opinion!

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh these stamps look cool, will have to keep an eye for them, thanks

love your cards by the way...

maria x