Tuesday, 10 February 2009


She doesnt have a viral infection as I was lead to believe, but scarlet fever!!! I thought that had gone out with the ark!!!! I havent know a child have it in the 13 years Ive been a child carer! Still she has it and is now in a disguesting course of penicillin which you almost have to grapple her to the ground in order to force into her throat! I feel like such a meanie!!!

Still Im back to work tomorrow full time as she seems better, still isnt herself but is behaving a bit more like Charley, yes, that means naughty!!!

Made wicked little biscuits at work today with the kids, have a lovely mummy who comes in to cook with the kids, and she has left me all the ingredients so my morning kiddlywinks can have a play too! Will have to post a piccie in the next couple of days but they were cute ickle hearts with pink sugar on top! yes they tasted good!!!

Had a sort through of my stash, at the weekend and got rid of loads of papers that are just not my style, and will never get used and they filled a pizza box, so have given them to Ruth, Im sure that she will make some use of them.

Had a bit of a guilt trip too when I realised how many unfinished projects I have going at the moment;

Scrap your day, journal your xmas, charleys 3rd birthday album, our spain 2003 holiday,and a few other too! Really must get on and do some sometime, instead of cyber cropping at the weekend I should have got on with finishing my xmas album, but it doesnt feel right scrapping xmas in february.

I did make another one of those sunflower cards and a post it note holder for one of the teachers at school, which I hope she liked!!!

Anyhow, holby is on and I cant miss that, can I!!!

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Hi I'm Maria... said...

oh jo, your poor little mite, sending her lots of ***sparkly vibes*** for a speedy recovery.


maria xx