Saturday, 31 January 2009

Been a few days...

since i entered the world of Blogland, Im having really bad anxiety attacks at the moment, where my throat feels like its closing up and I cant swallow. Few issues been going on here over the last few weeks and I think its all connected but its really not nice, dont know what to do about it either!

Work is still going well, I love it, its nice to finally be able to say that I enjoy my job! Lets hope that it continues.

Im still working on Q4 from the 52Q&A's, havent had a lot of chance to do this one yet, its all about what you see when you 'look into my eyes'. I have made some recipe cards ready for febs swap over on the Docrafts forum that Ive started, need something to do now that my cj is finished!

Next week is the cybercrop over on UKS. I have signed up to it but havent bought any kits this year, was a bit dissappointed last year as I didnt get much of a chance to do the classes, so rather than wste money on kits might have a rootle around at home and see what I can use up! Im also seriously stash dieting as I have soooooo much I really dont need any more and what I have got I dont use enough of!

Right off for a bit of brain training!

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