Thursday, 24 April 2008

Yay!!! I passed!

Got my last assignment back yesterday, and got 60% which for me is good! Im pleased as i was expecting about 45%.

Ive still got my two circle journal entries to get done this week and finish the other book which is great, the mystery challenge for the cybercrop, cyber crop trading faces challenge, this weeks uks challenge and he cyber crop this weekend! too much to do I feel! Oh and about 6 weeks of ironing - well thats how it feels.

Steve is still working on the decorating, its sooooo time consuming and frustrating, you cant get anywhere in the house, roll on monday when the floor arrives! Another week monday and we will have stair carpet too! Sooooooo excting!
Managed to get the week 2 cybercrop challenge complete from UKS, there was a sketch to follw and this is my interpretation of it! DD has this thing about these rocking horse thingy's at parks, even from an early age, this was at the airport in Spain on her first holiday in 2005!

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Foxcraft said...

Really cute layout

I've just tagged you - 7 random facts please then pass it on to 5 others.

xxxx Caz