Saturday, 18 April 2009


Thats what I had today, 3.5 hours to be precise without Charley and it was bloody lovely!!! When I think back to the first week of the hols when I was soooo poorly and craving a bit of peace and quiet, well finally I got it. Charley had a lovely time with her friend and I popped into town for a few bits and bobs - hmmmmmmmm bits and bobs that cost £17 in Asda, not really bits and bobs then, I also went into Snip and bought some fabby little wicker baskets that now sit on my desk holding my clear stamps, my promarkers and my 6x6 papers, am going back tomorrow for another one as I have more promarkers on their way!

Hey steve hasnt even noticed the large set of green drawers on my craft desk that hold the 'Summer Suprise' DCWV summer kit I bought last week on QVC, he is sooooo stupid sometimes! I just loved the papers and thought that they would be fabby for my holiday album when we get back from Florida, along with all the bits Ill buy there as well!!!! Would take a pic but my desk is in creative chaos where I was busy trying out my Clare Curd papers and stamps tonight, will show the fruits of my labour tomorrow, one card all evening and Im chuffed, easily pleased arent i?????????lol!

So tomorrow we ARE feeding ducks as I have enough stale bread to feed about 6 ponds worth and then off out for a curry in the evening, not sure what Charlotte is going to make of it she hasnt been to the curryhouse since she was about 6 months and ate anything and everything in sight! me thinks that may be different this time though!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday we will be swimming again, maybe I will start shedding those pounds, who knows, we went this evening then I went home a cooked a humungous macaroni cheese, - well planned that was wasnt it!!!! Lol!

Right tis time for beddy byes now so will add some pics in the morning and I really must get around to posting my pics of the photo cube I did with my cosmo cricket set and Em's guest book which is now finished, I just need some black card for the journal and Im done!!!! Hip, hip, hip hooray!

Night x

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