Wednesday, 2 July 2008

uh-oh its results day!!!

I get my degree grade today, Im really nervous as I wanted a 2:1 but my last grade left me borderline for 2:1/2:2 so I hav no idea what today will hold!

Because of this we arent doing anything today athough I may go out and celebrate tonight and take us all out for a meal just to signify the end of an era! No more studying! I thought that it would give me loads more time for scrapping but in fact it doesnt, I seem to spend more time surfing than scrapping!!!! Need to sort that one out i feel. Its difficult to get anything done this week as hubby is off and he hates me scrapping, can't stand the mess, he is going out on thursday evening though after work, so I will have a go then. Its my dads birthday soon so Ive a card and little pressie to get ready for him, not sure what though.

Right off now wil try and get back later to let you know my results, Im psyching myself up to get a 2:2 rather than a 2:1 as I think that is more likely!

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mmwwaahh211 said...

oooh good luck! I am keeping everything crossed for you x