Friday, 18 July 2008

Cupcake Heaven!

Ok, so I bodged up the batch I made on wednesday by burning them, and todays attempt was horrific, they didnt rise and there was too much mixture in each cup for them not to rise, so I ended up with a tray covered in cake mix, they were disgusting!

So here I am third time lucky! And it really is third time lucky! I have now just got to fill them and pop in the frosting, which I keep dissapearing into the fridge to check on! Of course a spoon must come with me in order to make sure that it tastes the same each time!

Upstairs the study is covered in little cupcake scrapbook pages and papers from the new docrafts 'sweet nothings' range which fits just perfectly with the cupcake page swap Im doing! So there is glitter, buttons, blooms and strips of card and paper everywhere in my rush to make sure that all 11 (Im doing an extra for someone!) are ready for posting out next week. Im really pleased with them so far, but feel they need something else, will have a looky and see what I can see later!

So here is the recipe card, only the back though as Im not finished the front yet, will upload later when I have picked up the photographs from Tescos later!
I think that they are cute so I hope that the recipients do too!

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