Saturday, 19 July 2008

Robbie Robo Has Landed!

Well after all the 'I am going to get one, it will arrive' Robbie finally made an appearance on thursday, I was working all day so didnt get a chance to open him up and have a play.

I got him second hand (he was much cheaper!) but when I went to set him up this morning, the lady hadnt put in the USB cable, so Im stuck here waiting for Hubby to shift himself out of bed to go find me one in the loft. I would go up and have a look myself, except there may be spiders and creatures that move up there, and I dont do things like that, and how could I play the helpless woman if no-one is awake to hear my distressed calls!

So I am sat here patiently typing away to my blog and anyone else that may read it! whilst finishing off my cupcake swap cards, - note to self - must go to Tesco's and pick up photos. I was way too tired yesterday - woke up at 4.13am and couldnt get back to sleep for toffee! This morning is just as bad. Hubby says make sure we wake up early car needs to be at the garage (his not mine!) for 8am! SO I duly set the button on my alarm clock and low and behold at 5.00am off it went! Thank you for playing with it DD, most appreicated! Fortunately I had slept in the spare room last night - well I was in bed at 8.30pm!!!! so I saved most of the house being woken up. Just the cat followed me downstairs to watch me tip out my button pot all over the floor in search of mini pink buttons for the recipe cards, which incedently I could only find 8 of the very tiny ones so some have bigger ones but look ok, just the same!

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