Thursday, 24 July 2008

Recipe journal

Well not a lot has been going on here, Im fed up with my college who still havent claimed my fees from student loans, but keep sending me letters telling me that the debt collectors will be paying me a visit!!!! So I spent an hour on the phone this evening after work trying to sort it out with college telling me they have done everything they can and just be patient - this has been going on since early June!!! Anyhow Rachel at student loans told me to have a barney with the college and to get the to phone a helpline and sort it, so thats exactly what I did. I will be phoning them tomorrow morning to ensure that thety have done it! Useless college!

We are starting a recipe journal at work and each of us has picked a theme for our recipes. We then have 2 week to create a layout, this continues then till we are bored of it! Bit like a circle journal really! Was trying to get mine started this evening but the printer wont work, so I have had to give up on it, but as its nearly time for the bill who cares!

I got my circle journal back the kids at work did today, its fab bearing in mind how old they are! I will post pics but not until I can get back on my computer, which isnt connected to the internet at the moment - dont ask, I dont understand all this computer jargon!

Over on the docrafts forum I have lost my identity! All my online maties know me as cardlynes, but over on docrafts at the moment I am showing as 'card mad joanne' I am certainly not card mad as you can see by my blog as its all scrapping these days with a tiny bit of card making, been trying to get it sorted out, but its not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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