Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Grandad!

Today is Grandads birthday, so we have made a cake DD decided ont he colours and I just sat back and watched - weel thats not really true! I did put the icing on to fix the lettering. Do you know with all the cost of the icing this cost more to make than a shop bought one, but it did taste much better! I think that they always do though dont they!

We had many debates on what would go onto this cake, it could have been a car, or a train (neither of which I think that I could have made!) but in the end the trusy caterpillar won, she had already put a caterpillar on the birthday card, so seemed natural to continue with the theme.
When we were giving it grandad she was explaining what she had put on and said 'Grandad I putted a caterpillar on, catterpillars spin their coccoons and then they turn into a butterfly!' See that flippin song I sing to her 'Theres a tiny caterpillar on a leaf, wriggle, wriggle...' has been of use as she now understands the life cycle of a butterfly!!!! I swear sometimes she has too much knowledge!

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