Saturday, 23 February 2008

Weekend ramblings!

The weekend is here and I can't wait to get back to work!!!! Roll on monday.

Spent yesterday in the kitchen baking, Charlotte made cupcakes and I made a victoria sandwich and some scones, yum!

We've done the weekly shop already at Tescos this morning and Steve treated us to a breakkie there which of course being Tesco's cafe and excedingly slow at serving was cold by the time we got it to the table!!! Never mind, Im used o to cold food since having Charlotte, so that is the norm for me!

Were off to feed the ducks in a bit, which is our weekend ritual, I made sure that I bought loads of cheap bread this week ready for the feeding! though Im not sure whether Charlotte or the ducks get more bread!

Had a go at the UKS challenge this week again! Bagged 30 points for my team. We had to use the following on our layouts to gain the points:

Song title from sound track of Saturday Night Fever or Grease as LO title - 10pts
Two photos - 10pts
Something shiney - 5pts
To use white on LO - 5pts

So I used 2 pics of Charley, one when she was 3 months old and the second was at 3 years old!,, Used the title 'Those magic changes' from Grease. SOmething shiney was the silver brads in the centre of the flower and also the glittery 'Magic' word and the white were the backings of the photo's and my cherryatre swirls that I have been staring and touching lots but not used since I bought them months ago!!! SO there you go thats my take, the papers are Brenda Pinnick, everyone on docrafts raves about her paper, but to be honest Im not in love with it, IM looking forward to using it all up!!!! Sorry Brenda!

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