Thursday, 21 February 2008

Lost my scrapping mojo

I can't seem to get the momentum up to do any scrapping, been sorting through some pics from my mums but just can't find anything that inspires me! Most of my graduation pics are missing and there seem to be no negatives for any of the pics at all which is really dissapointing. Ive put some pages into my mums mothers day album along with the pic's that go with them, but can't muster the enthusiasm.

I've done several orders online but none have arrived which also disappoints me, only had one email to say one is on its way and my artymiss order from 8th Feb still hasnt arrived, they never respond to emails and Im totally fed up with it.

Spent today cleaning, tidying and sorting.

Ive sorted and put away all the ironing I did tuesday evening
Tidied up my crafting stuff in the spare room
Tidied Charlottes room and put all her dolly stuff up there from the garage
Tidied the boxes of Charley toys in the garage
Hung out a load of washing which isnt drying very well
Cleaned the downstairs cloakoom
Found about a million dummies hiding all around the house
Emptied all the bins
Re-loaded the washing machine and dishwasher

and the house still looks a pigsty, Charlotte decided that she didnt want her lunch so chucked it all over the lounge floor, great I love cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll on nap time!!!!!!!!!!!

We have the disney film Cars on at the moment, I havent watched it from beginning to end yet everytime we put it on she gets bored halfway through! Right am off to try and get her into bed then will upload some pics onto previous posts on the blog as I have worked out how to do it now with my new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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