Monday, 25 February 2008

Here's to making a change!

So the start of something new happens today, Im looking foward to changing my lifestyle and eating habits, so started the day with fruit and wholemeal toast at work, my kids said, 'Joanne, what are you doing with that' pointing at the fruit on my plate! my response was 'Get used to it in the mornings I will be eating lots more of it' The looks that I got were hilarious!!!

Making a change isnt just about loosing weight its about changing my lifestyle too, getting some excercise and thinking more positively. So on a positive note, whats good in my life at the moment:

1 My home, its lovely, its big but full of stuff

2 My husband and my daughter, both so precious and unique

3 My crafting, without my scrapping I wouldnt have a release so Im pleased that I have the opportunities to do this.

4 The sunshine, not something I can control but so lovely when its sunny and bright outside.

5 A fanatstic family, parents who help ou with childcare and finance when needed and great grandparents who too help out where they can.

6 My work, its fun, interesting and worthwhile.

7 My CD player, the world is such a happy place with a bit of music

So they are some of the good things that are in my life

Housework is started, floors up and down have been washed and hoovered, the kitchen tops are all cleaned off and tidy and just about to start the lounge. I started journalling my journey last night, Steve thinks its all one big joke, but that just about sums him up. So I am off to start changing the beds upstairs and get the rooms tidier.

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