Sunday, 24 February 2008

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday to you all, the weekend is well and truely in swing and this morning we have been to the garden centre, not to buy plants but to see the animals and fishes, both Notcutts and Wyevale have been tormented by Charlotte who seems to be in a whirlwind of a mood. Rabbits stroked, birds screamed at and fish tanks banged we left after just a short time!

At home Charlotte made sandwiches for everyone, and very tasty they were too, Im beggin her to go to sleep so that I can go to M&S to get a new pair of casual trousers as mine have holes in them they are sooooooo old!

Had a bit of a wake up call yesterday, another relly died and my brothers mate who is several years younger than me is back in hospital. Its made me think that its about time I stopped
whinging about how much weight Ive put on since having Charley and got on with doing something about it. So.... diet properly starts tomorrow, no more convenience foods, no more snacking between meals and lots more fruit and veg. I also must start walking again and mum has put my name down with her to do the race for life so I now have no excuse for getting in shape. I seriously need to as I have really let myself go since having charlotte, I have no confidence in myself and feel depressed and fed up all the time. So, tomorrow sees the start of positive change in my life. I need to get on a take life by the hand as my blog says and look for the positives in everything, as well as changing my lifestyle and eating habits. Wish me luck, I'm going to pick up a notebook whilst I am out so I can journal my sucesses and my low points. It willgive me something to look back on when I have lost the weight, got used to excercising and fel ethusiastic about life again!

Ill upload a pic later when I have done it!

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