Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Half Term is here at last

Well school hols are upon us again, this will be the last one that I work so am going to try and enjoy it! Charlotte is well into holiday mode and waking up after about 7.30am which is late for her trust me!

I'm going to try and get some scrapping done this week, get some points for my UKScrappers team, Fruitloops!, I'm still waiting for my sickly laptop to be fixed so still can't post pics of what I've been up to recently which is a shame. I'm about to start a mini album for my mum for mothers day so will pop down to dad's later and pick up some pics of her with us kids!!! Horrible clothing memories spring to mind when I think of some of the hideous outfits I wore when I was little, but should be good for a laugh! Hope some of my papers go with the pics as Im on a stash diet from saturday.

I have far too much stash and really must start using it, I spent a fortune in the Jan sales! One treat will be my craft robo though, when I get my back pay at the end of this month, this is my little treat and I can't wait to order it! Am going to place just 2 more orders before I go on my stash diet on saturday as I want some Basic Grey papers - the two scoops range is gorgeous and I also want some Elsie papers too. I have signed up to the scrapagogo kits from March so that will be the stash I am allowed each month along with adhesives which are a basic requirement as any crafter will know although I am stocked up on tape runners, ds tape and sticky dots/sheets so should be fine for a while with those too.

The weekend was supposed to be great, it was only semi great! Charlotte decided to smear a pot of sudocreme all over the bedroom carpet, completely my fault as I had left it on the floor, she was trying to put it on her 'hurts' and make them better (bless her) Steve was not impressed at all and had a complete strop about it, but after a good 2.5hours of scrubbing, vaxing and washing it was almost all out. Charlotte wont be doing that anymore trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sudocreme incident over, Charlotte spent the night with Granny and Grandad while steve and I had dinner at Cinnamon Bay, a fab indian in Yateley, which we always have excellent food from. We cracked open a bottle of champagne (left from our wedding 3 years ago, we ended up with about 12 bottles!) and watched Atonement, which was really good.

Sunday was duck feeding time again! We do this every week, you would think we would get bored of it really. Charley enjoyed the playpark although Im not sure that a slide covered in frost is my idea of fun!

Did do the UKScrappers challenge though finally! Theme love/hate, Include the colour red or pink, Use a heart on your layout, As cupid uses a bow and arrow- use an arrow or arrows and finally a romantic quote or a love song title on your layout. I managed to claim 25 points for my team the Fruitloops!

Feb week 2 UKS challenge!

Right off to find some piccies at mums...

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