Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Day 3

Didn't get a chance to blog yesterday it was one of those days. This month hasnt been a good month for sscrapping, Ive done hardly any at all! I seem to have really lost the will too, despite all the little bits and bobs of new stash I have got!

Healthy eating plan is going to plan Ive eaten loads of fruit and veg over the last few days, my poor body is going into shock with it all! But it is nice to feel that Ive not stuffed myself silly all day with rubbish.

Were off to Steve's mums on friday so will try and make sure that I post tomorrow, I have been keeping my personal journal up to date too, must post a pic of that later, I must also post the pic of Steve's mums mothers day card too. Charlotte has made the Nannies cards and tomorrow we are going to bake some cakes to take with us. So I guess that most of tomorrow will be spent getting packed and ready to go! Oh I get all the fun jobs. Still she is very excited about us coming up and its only one night!

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