Saturday, 10 April 2010


was one of the sadest ever for me, it went well though, the flower garden that we chose looked fabulous done in red and white (Brentford Football Clubs colours and Grandads team!)  I stumbled with my poem and Steve had to take over, but when it got to my own words, I managed to compose myself and say what I needed, I was proud of myself!

A weight has been lifted and we had such a lovely sunny day, he would have pleased by that!  My folks are coping better and my nan, Im not sure about, her parkinsons seems to make her a little emotional and she has an infection which meant that she was not on good form yesterday.

One of the carers in the home came to the funeral, she is a lovely lady, Ive seen here there many a time, she told my mum that my grandad was waiting for my nan, he knew he was ill, but wanted nan with him.  We knew that all along, we knew he was just waiting for her to go into the home and be settled.  A sad revelation, but so true.  We appreciate the honesty of the carer, and thank her!

It was lovely to see the family united, and know that we all shared such good memories of him was lovely, both my dad and my brother spoke many true words and had lots of people in tears (so did I!) including my uncle, whom I didnt realise was so cut up!  Distance does that though doesnt it, you dont understand it sometimes, but distance isnt necessarily a healer.

I would like to thank all those who came yesterday, all those who sent special wishes to the family and to me and all those behind the scene that ensured the arrangements, service and wake went well.  It was a great send off for a great man!  I love you Gramps!  Sleep well with the


SusieJ said...

Joanne - I'm in tears here - it sounds such a lovely send off for your Gramps. Take care of your Grandmother - she'll suddenly realise he's gone.
Thinking of you all.
Hugs, sparkles and my very best wishes,
Sue xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

sounds lovely joanne, pleased all went well and that your mum is coping... but it will hit her like it will your nan, so you need to have an eye on her too...

maria x

PS love your LO's, they're all lovely, great memories...