Sunday, 11 April 2010

A lazy sunday afternoon

has been spent at home doing very nothing!  I am still carless as the part that we ordered never arrived despite being told it would one more than 5 occaisions!  So a dispute has been opened with the credit card company and we have found somewhere in Nottingham that will fix it, so yesterday the tow truck picked it up and its arrived there, will be fixed tomorrow, then tomorrow evening there is a very long drive to be had there and back to pick it up!  But it will be fixed!!!!!  Its been so long Ive forgotten what it is like!

I have started doing an album from our spain holiday in 2003, pre Lottie!  Its been started for quite a while now, but I thought that I would get on with it as its a cheerful, bright colourful album and after all the gloom of the last few weeks I could do with some cheering up.  I bought some american craft mini albums from QVC last year and have a tonne of them still to use, you got something like 17 of the things!  And although I have tried making a dent in them there are still about 11 to use!

I have a mountain of coursework to plough through as well as hand in date for my subject knowledge files is 6th May and currently I have a shedload to do on them!!!!  So not funny, I want to get all my easter pics scrapped and do a grandad album too, I think that the chances of that are highly unlikely though this side of the summer!  Ah well I can dream!

I have a morning to myself on Tuesday as Lottie is going to a party, Im hoping that I can use that time to study and achieve something!  Who knows!!!!!!

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