Saturday, 24 April 2010

The UKS cybercrop has started...

and as I have learnt, you only do the classes that interest you!  Well thats true this time, I didnt do any of the mystery kits stuff as I have refused to buy one each year since the really nasty one!  It didnt look too bad from the work that peeps have done, but I have so many unused kits here, Im taking my chance and using them up on the crop myself.  I have tapped into 2 old scrapagogo kits this morning and am hoping to do more tomorrow!

So I did 2 classes, these were last nights ones, as todays havent grabbed me in the slightest or I dont have the materials!  so here they are:

This is the Angel Of Islington class, Ive used an old picture of my mum and her family on holiday, we hace the pic all cleaned up and reprinted!  Im quite pleased with it and I love using black and white.

And here is the second I completed - Bow Streeet, which was actually the first one, but I didnt have paint free so left it then realised that you didnt have to use paint anyway!  You are meant to have used the lettering as a mask and painted over it and around it then peeled them away, but I like it the way it is.

Its a pic of Lottie about 19 months old in nana's garden pulling up the freshly planted marigolds that nana had just popped in the ground!

So we shall see whether anything else grabs my fancy this weekend I feel, Im not too worried about  points but its nice to get a bit of scrapping done!


SusieJ said...

Love the LOs Joanne - think the black and white is very classy. Enjoy the rest of the crop.
Sue xx

tea_bag said...

fab lo's not done any over at uk yet Been having an off day so just had a browse and lie down and watched Dr WHO alma