Wednesday, 14 April 2010

OMG What's happened to Docrafts

Now we all love craft forums dont we, Ive been a Docraft forum member for 6 years, but today they have turned it into a pay as you go type site, sure you can stay a member for free and have access to specific areas, or you can start paying £2.50 to acess 'special' bits of the site.  To me thats a slap in the face, I buy their magazines, I spend copious amounts of money on their products in their stockists stores and visit the site daily.

However it was ofline while they performed their changes and tonight I have been on and what am i faced with, advertsing banners that blink horribly at you from people like, do they think all crafters are saddo's that need dating agencies????/  Or catalogue banners that people end up getting in debt when they are only going to visit a crafting site, to me its a complete disgrace, crafting is about crafting not finding a partner or encouraging you to spend money on crafting products, not junk.

Sorry Ill get off my soap box and off to scrapping, looks like UKS will be getting my vote now and not docrafts anymore!


tea_bag said...

here here I so agree well put add me to your soap box huga alma xx

Hi I'm Maria... said...

totally agree jo and alma, is there any room on that soap box, as I'd like to join you both...

maria x

Cathy said...

Its not good is it i have just been on facebook i think there was 85 comments there :9 boo docrafts

Chrissie said...

I cant even post on docrafts....!!!

It was not broken so why "fix" it????

SueB said...

I agree with you about the banners Joanne. I just hope they can fix the tiny print and gallery, my eyes are killing me, but hopefully they are addressing that :)

Chrissie, oh no! I hope you can log on soon, try and follow the instructions on your e-mail. Give me a shout if you have problems and I'll help if I can :)

Suzie xxxx :)