Saturday, 27 March 2010

My Grandfather...

passed away this morning, I went to see him and the scared look that I have seen over the past few days has disappeared, he was peaceful and at rest. I miss him so much already, we looked for the new star in the sky this evening, but its too cloudy for stars, we will keep looking till we find the one with his name on it.

The hospital staff were wonderful, we cannot fault them this time, a far cry from last time when we were swearing and cursing the poor care that he received at xmas, no this time they were wonderful and wish to thank the staff on MAU and F2 Fleming for everything they did for him.

Ill never forget his favourite saying when we were kids - put the wood in the hole! We always used to leave the lounge door ajar when we went out of it and it used to cause a right breeze on his bald head, and my brothers and I used to stand behind him blowing on his bald spot! The races we all used to have to be the first one to ring the doorbell and hear him shut, hang on, hang on Im coming - we used to hold the buzzer and keep pressing it in one loud and continuous buzz, must have been really annoying. I used to love it each year when he got out his paint and brushes and gave his gnomes a lick of paint - annual gnome painting season and feeding the fish in the pond, we would always be told off for putting in too much!

The look of joy on his face when I presented him with his first great grandchild, I will never forget that look, it was a picture! The proudness on his face, Ill dig it out later and put it up on here.

No Grandad you may be gone in body, but in spirit you live on, I have some of that Reed stubborness, I have the Reed lip when I want it, but I also have the many joyful memories of you and your love, which will carry on throughout future generations of the family. I will look after nan, mum and the rest of the family as best that I can and Im so glad I got to spend so much time with you in your last few days, I am a very proud grand daughter.

Rest in peace, Grandad and Ill see you one day in the future, look out for Uncle Oscar and Auntie Ivy wont you! I love you!


SusieJ said...

Sparkles to you and your family at this sad time Joanne. My thoughts are still with you - you do right to remember the good times.
Lots of hugs,
Sue xx

jeanie g said...

I've just read this with a tear in my eye Joanne. I bet he was proud of you too. What a beautiful post. Lots of hugs
jeanieg xx