Saturday, 20 March 2010

Someone chopped off my left arm....

or so it feels, my car is very poorly, and it dont work no more! Well it does but it judders and shakes worse than a jelly! Why is it when you have no car you feel like you have lost a limb! i miss it and its only been gone since 11.30am this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It started off a lovely day, we drove to Basingstoke to get Lottie her Bear Factory Bear in celebration of finally getting rid of her dummies after 5 and a bit very long years of them (another story) and we were 2/3rds of the way there and the car began to quiver, which quickly then turned to a shake and a jolting feeling, it stopped then started again, then sort of sorted itself out.

So we toodled around doing bits in town and then came the drive home, it was quivering, shaking and shivering all over the place. SO we stopped at a little garage and they told us what was wrong with it and charged us a fabulous £33 for the pleasure of it - not bad for 15mins work, then told me that the part will be over £200 and then there is labour to go on top of that! Hmmmmmmmmmmm a little annoyed, I feel so!

Anyhow, on the bright side, it means that i cant get to my second school placement on monday as I have no way of getting there, hooray!!!! but need to spend the morning on the phone trying to arrange with uni what I need to do to make up the time!

Oh well, Im looking forward to being given a lift to tesco to get some photo's of my mum's birthday party and doing a bit of scrapping tonight. Last night I made 12 malteaster cupcake recipe cards and an ATC which will be winging its way to its recipient this week, I have gotten terribly behind this month with everything. I also need to think about a 90th card for my grandad, my brothers wedding stationery and someone at works stationery too! Just a little then to keep me busy, inbetween all my work too.

Oh, just have a craft delivery, some very yummy chipboard books from QVC see them here! Can't wait to get going on them! I also had some 'fly' stickers that I ordered from ebay too which are yummy! Just wish that I have more time to actually do stuff with them!

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