Saturday, 13 March 2010

Things are looking up

well I hope so. Steve went for an interview on wednesday and we got a call thursday to say that he had the job! Hooray! One less weight on our mind. Its a temporary contract, but if he behaves himself and works hard there is a possibility of a permanent post at the end, I have my fingers and toes crossed, cos if thats the case and he gets the perm post we will have a holiday this year, and by jove am I going to need it!!!!!!!!

My grandparents are settling into the home a little better, nan isnt happy, but then she has lost her independence so Im not surprised, Im off to tesco's in a bit to pick up some photo's to make into a hanging scrapbook for her room for mothers day.

Then Im off to a Docrafts demo day to collect some of the new punches and it's a mans world papers and stamps! Gotta treat myself after all our good news havent I?

I say treat myself but then again I did order the TSV the other day for lottie as she loved some of the elements and Ill just have to make use of the rest of it wont I?

Talking of Lottie she is loving being a Rainbow - I must take some photo's of her in her uniform, she is soooooo sweet!!! Well a while ago we tried our hardest to give up dummies, we even sent them to the dummy fairies, but alas, this didnt work she still found a few I had missed! So we are still on dummies!!! Anyhow last night we made a pact that if she gives up this week next weekend we will go to build a bear and get blossom bunny - who she desperatly wants, the deal is this time though that she can't get it till she has had a whole week clear of dummies! So last night we made her, her own worry doll and today we are going to get some more bits and bobs to make another few, she tells it her worry about not being able to sleep without her dum and then kisses it. She didnt want it under her pillow so she made it a little bed out of her old muslin and popped it beside her bed.

The night wasnt too bad, she woke 3/4 times but the first few she was fine, by the 4th I put her in the spare room with me, which I was expecting to do, but she got through the night with not to many tears, fingers crossed we will crack it this time. She has to learn to get rid of it as the Rainbows have a sleepover in May and she really wants to go, but knows she cant with a dummy as they will all laugh at her!!!! Bless her!

Anyway I will add some photo's later of the bits and peices I have been doing over the last few weeks, mainly cards, but I need to remember to photograph them!

Have a lovely day everyone and thank you for stopping by!

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SusieJ said...

So pleased that you've had some good news Joanne (not much about at the moment).
Fingers crossed for the dummies - what a good idea to make worry dolls.
Sue xx