Sunday, 21 March 2010

A much more productive day!

Well having now put my stresses away from yesterday I can report that we had the most fabulous meal out last night at believe it...a local pub, we had fillet steaks to die for, with a dressed salad, sauted potatoes, baby tomatoes and mushrooms and the creme de la creme of blue cheese sauces! Dessert didnt disapoint either! Raspberry cheesecake with shortbeard, and Lottie and Steve had ice cream which was sheer luxury, and i should know as I polished off lots of the strawberry one and the vanilla one too!

So today I have been busy baking, Ive made a victoria sponge, fairy cakes - which need icing and a batch of scones, tomorrow Im going to make a fruit loaf too!

On top of that, remember the albums from QVC I mentioned yesterday, well I have painted 3 of them in gorgeous pearly paints and will be decorating them this space!

We have also been into the home to see Nan and Gramps, Gramps has really given up all hope of anything and he just sits falling asleep all the time, a far cry from the man he was 6 months ago. Its really sad, at the moment I am working on a mini book of the day they moved near to us, it shows all the grotty pics of where we were clearing out their house, we had to rip up all the carpets everything, not surprising that the council would have charged to do it themselves, what it did reveal under those carpet and linoleum mats was a wealth of old newspaper articles which we had so muc fun reading and reminiscing!

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