Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday's sunshine

Did you see it... the sun was shining this morning, I even got a load of washing dry on the line - i do love washing that has been line dried!

Been a busy few weeks, nan and gramps are both in the same home now and we are still all fighting and fed up! Lottie has joined rainbows and looks extra cute in her rainbow outfit and I have finally done a couple of scrap pages, will upload at some point if I get the chance.

Apart from that there is nothing else much to report, going to make the mothers day cards this evening and thats about it!


Hi I'm Maria... said...

that's great news that your nan and grandad are in the same home together...

look forward to seeing your scrap pages, are they of charli starting rainbows?

maria x

Helen said...

I used do be guider at Rainbows, hope charley enjoys her time there. Its lovely to see the sun out as well, i did some washing outside last week- nearly took a photo as i thought it looked great- spring is here at last! Good news about your nan and grandad too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the air dried washing - one of those childhood memories I cling to.
Hope the Rainbows is the start of a life ling membership of the GG movement. She will get so much out of it.


tea_bag said...

Thats wonderful news your nan and grandad being together, I bet lotto looks really cute and hope she enjoys rainbows Looking forwards to seeing your scrapbook pages alma x

SueB said...

We've had to sun too, it's just wonderful to see it again after all this time :)

I know what you mean about the washing, it's just lovely when it's line dried.
Your little girl sounds very cute in her new Rainbows outfit, I bet she loves it!

Wonderful news about your grandparents too, it's so lovely they can be together :)

Suzie xxxx :)