Sunday, 21 December 2008

Its nearly here!

Christmas day is looming and Im no where near ready, Ive got all my pressies, but hardly any are wrapped, done most of the food shop - off to get the veg today, and sent the xmas cards - hardly any this year as its just pointless sending a card to receive one, and seeing as most of the family dont bother, I have managed to save ££££££'s on postage.

So on the to do list today:

Fruit/veg shopping
Party food shopping
Garage to organise
Huge mound of ironing to do
Floors to hoover and wash
Ironing to put away - when I finish it!lol!
Make some mince pies and christmas pud muffins

Just a little list then!!! Im off into work tomorrow, which must make me either mad or stupid! and today Im cooking a pre xmas lunch. Just think in less than a week all these preparations will have been done and the big day gone too, how much time each year do we spend preparing for xmas, I dread to think of the number of hours Ive trailed round shops trying to find the right gift for the right person, hey ho as long as everyone enjoys it all who cares, it will be worth it!

So here I am sat here at 6am cos I cant sleep because there must be something Ive forgotten watching Harry Potter - dont ask me which one I cant remember, the one with the quidditch world cup at the beginning - that shows how far I have gotten with it doesnt it! Trying to work out what Ive not done, so wont get much of the film watched anyhow!

Not done much crafting this week although do have a few bits and bobs that I must get finished in time for thursday!

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