Monday, 15 December 2008

Its all broken!

The telly blew up on wednesday lunchtime, the boiler switches itself off whenever it feels like it and MIL broke the lounge curtain pole when she came to stay! So thats my life at the moment, filled with broken stuff! Doesnt life stink

This morning at 8am it was still dark when I left for work, and the cold is really getting to me, on a good note, I had my work do on friday, which was fab, the food was excellent, especially the white chocolate torte and the company was good, I do work with a lovely bunch of ladies! We had our secret santa today and I got some yummy choc and a xmas mug - not sure if Ill use the mug as I dont do hot drinks but hey ho, Ill eat the choc!

Only 4 more days of work left so Im a happy bunn, charley is in need of a break too and soooooo tired out, bless her she has even been sleeping during the day again! I finally got the lights sorted out for the new xmas tree and have finally decorated (just in time for the outlaws arrival at the weekend) but still need to take photos of it, will get round to it eventually!

Booked my car service today ready for next week when Im off work, so Ive been a busy little bee lately! Just hope that I can keep it up till xmas and get everything done that I need to!

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