Friday, 12 December 2008

Its f f f freezing!

Oh my is it cold or what today!!!! I just can't get warm even though the heating is on full whack and the rads are burning hot too touch!

MIL arrives tonight arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Love it really, she is staying till sunday then going home, horay!!!!! We have all of hubbys side of the family over tomorrow afternoon, which is great as it means I can hide in the kitchen preparing food and doing very little mingling!

Ive my work xmas do tonight, not really looking forward to it as Im not a work do sort of person, however am going as its the first one I will have been on!

Had a nice afternoon, after getting up a 6am to clean the house ready for MIL's visit I needed some me time, so bundled Charlotte in the car and went off to Guildford to meet Cara who I havent seen since we graduated in July! Thanks for my crimbo card, sorry wasnt that organised to sort one out for you!!!! We had a quick bite too eat out, although why neither of us knows as we both are eating out tonight! But Charley enjoyed her icecream with far more strawberry sayce than ice cream! Still all that eating wore her out and she fell asleep in the car on the way home!

Have decided what I will be giving as my secret Santa pressie on monday at the work xmas lunch, Im going to make some fudge (Emily - my recipient) has spent this week trying to make herself fudge, so as a joke Im going to make a little gift box and fill it full of homemade fudge (her's has been a disaster every time she has made it!) and the buy her a mug and make a snowman soup pack up to go in, she would have hot drinks all day if she could at school, so hopefully she will like it. I have to do the fudge thing though as its just an ongoing joke!!!!

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