Saturday, 27 December 2008

Been and gone!

The turkey has been tucked into, the paper been shredded and christmas cheer has be done, so now it almost back to normal! We had a fab xmas day, Charlie enjoyed unwrapping her pressies and has even played with them this year, the biggest hit was the doodle pony which she is loving!

Steve and I had mostly practical pressies from everyone like a new kettle and toaster, which is fine, we both appreciated them, as well as the obligatory smellies, cookbooks, wine and chocs. I did get some new clothes too which is nice and some vouchers too which i am going to spend sharpish as I dont want to be left with dead money if any other shops go under! Not that I wish they will but after hearing how much my parents spent on peeps in zavvi recently I dont want vouchers in the house, its not fair to spend money on something completely worthless.

So now its saturday and we are just chilling, pigging out on xmassy foods that we bought toooooooooo much of as usual, every year we say we wont do it and every year we do! We will still be eating it in february!

No plans made for this weekend, just chilling out and watching tv, talking of tv's steve bought a new plasma for the bedroom yesterday. I will be buyig the most exciting, a new tumble dryer when my redundancy comes through, I cant wait!!! Ours is on the blink though and doesnt dry the clothes unless its on fr about 3 hours,still the sales are the right time of year to be buying!!!!

Need to get on with my journal your xmas, havent even looked at the prompts the last few days! and Ive only made 2 pages, hoping that OH and his mate go for a drnk this evening so I can get on with it, best get some piccies developed too then!

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