Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Wisdom, do I have it or not?

Not sure but my wisdom teeth are definatly rumbling at the moment. I ahve been in agony since friday and completely dosed up on paracetamol and ibuprofen cos Im such a scaredy cat and wont go to the dentist to get them checked, anyway I love pain, who doesnt?

We had a lovely fathers day, went picnicing over at Goldwater Lodge then onto the Mizens Railway where we had a ride on the minature trains. Charley loved Alice the little steam train. They have some lovely events there, each dad got a free ride on the train which was sweet! Next month they are having a teddy bears picnic and the children get a free ride and a jar of honey. Well worth a visit if you have kids!

Havent done much scrapping except the fathers day bits that I finished, - dads wallet card and grandad cd tin, similar to the one I did daddy earlier on the blog, I forgot to photograph them though so will have to steal them back at some point for a piccie!

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