Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sunday, and Im up at silly o'clock!

Well 5.15am was my wake up time, so I spent it creating some more of my circle journal which I will photograph later and add. Went to town to get the paintbrushes and masking tape for painting my office at work and then some new cork boards to put up over the desk and in the entrance to tidy it up. Mad isnt it, here I am applying for new jobs and desperate for one on tuesday Im going for and actuallyI dont really want to leave what I am doing, I love it, its sooooo flexible and free from hassle, why would I want to leave...MONEY! If I had more hours it would be fine, but it doesn't so I guess that I have to make the descision to better my pay packet or we will never afford nice things like hoildays or such like. I hate scraping around the bottom of the barrel every month trying to find enough to survive on. Anyhow doom and gloom is hubbys line and not mine, mine is supposed to be positivity this year!

I found some yummy clear little stamps I had bought a few months ago today so Im going to go and find a layout to scraplift so that I can use them. Ive only got my layout on my cj to do and cant finish that till I get some piccies developed, so I fancy some proper scrapping! See you later!

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