Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Peace, whats that???

Today I looked after some of the kids from work as there is no holiday club this week, it was quite good and we had some fun icing cakes despite the weather being grim!

Been making fathers day cards today, need to get charley making hers tomorrow, I like to be organised, Ill post piccies tomorrow, no idea where the camera is.

Im also working on a mini book for Steve's mum, she hasnt been well lately so I thought it would cheer her up to have a mini album of Charley, so i got lots of pics printed out and am putting that together now!

Right off to watch the F word, yes I know it was on last night but i also love The Apprentice and as they are on at the same time one had to be taped to be watched tonight!!!! F Word is tonights fest, I lurveeeeeeeeeee Gordon Ramsey, Im reading his 'Humble Pie' at the minute and have just read another of his, cant for the life of me think of the title.

Right F Word calls and tomorrow I AM going to start some revision for my management exam!!!!!!!!!

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