Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Neglectful blogger!

Its been a while since I last blogged, sorry! Ive been enjoying my free time since handing in my dissertation, I should really be studying and revising for my exam but Im not in the mood!

Sunday, Steve's uncle came over with his german friend, Bodo is so receptive to what is going on and sensed that at 8pm it was time to go so that Charley could go to bed! We did have a lovely afternoon with them and I was really pleased with the dinner I cooked, nothing special just a chicken chasseur with rice and veg and a lemon meringue pie, simple home cooking that went down a treat!

Yesterday my brother came over in the morning and did some painting with Charley, then a quick trip to tesco's, what fun!!!! We took Charley to Farnborough Leisure Centre in the afternoon to the jungle gym and she had such fun for an hour before it closed! Its great now she has gotten over her biting, we can actually sit and chat rather than chase round the whole time behind her.

We stopped at the Monkey Puzzle for tea and that was an experience. Steve and I both ordered exactly what we had the last time (smothered chicken for me and steak and ale pie for him!) When the food came out mine was perfect, his looked like it had stood for about 2 hours before they served it and the gravy was all congealed and yucky! He sent it back and the second one came out (after charley and I had finished out food!) dry and hard (overcooked this time!). Anyway after complaining they refunded the cost of his meal and gave us free puddings, chocolate fudge cake and profiteroles!!! Yum Yum, now I pigged out of course cos it was free, but really must go back on my diet, I did so well acouple of months back and now have piled it all back on and really do need to loose some, Im looking awful in photos, (thats why there are none of me on here!)

Right off to get everyone organised for the day, not sure what we will do but Im sure we will go somewhere!

Here are a couple of layouts Ive been working on!

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