Thursday, 6 March 2008

Exciting deliveries

Ohhhh I just love getting stuff through the post. I got my back pay this month andhave spent a little of it on cafty bits! The first were from an etsy shop called Every Jot and Tittle Have a look, there is some great things in the shop. These labels and journal spots are delicious.

I also ordered the qvc foam american thickers (586141) as they were such good value, they were about £16.50 for 12 packs, couldnt have asked for better value. The final things that arrived were my 7 Gypsies stamps from I am just getting into putting journalling on my pages and these little stamps are perfect!

So the futures bright, the futures scrapping! Im looking forward to getting down to some serios scrapping over the next few weeks, I guess really that I should be doing my uni assignment but heyho! thats life.

Heard from my friend Jo yesterday, she ahs moved to Nottingham, I can't remember the last time we emailed but it must have been years ago! Anyway after several e-mails we have begun to catch up on each others lives and hopefully we can meet up soon!

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