Friday, 7 March 2008


I am still really chuffed with loosing 4lb this week so I thought that I would make myself a list of 'four things' to do with my life in the hope of some scrapping inspirations!

4 Jobs I have had in my life:

1. Nursery Manager
2 Out of School Care Manager
3. Deli Counter Assistant at Tescos!
4. Sandwich Maker at a bakers shop!

4 Movies I can Watch Over and Over:

1. Top Gun
2. Serendipity
3. Dirty Dancing
4. Cocktail

4 Places I have Lived

1. Camberley, Surrey where I live now!
2. Bracknell where I first lived with Steve
3. Manchester where we moved when my dad fancied a change!
4. London, where I grew up!

4 Places I have been to:

1. France with the school!!!
2. Dallas, Texas
3. Spain
4. Florida

4 People that text me regularly:

1. My mum
2. My friend Cara
3. My work colleagues
4. My husband

4 of my favorite foods

1. Dominoes Pizza
2. Butterfly cakes
3. Spaghetti bolognaise or anything with pasta
4. Galaxy chocolate

4 Places I would rather be right now:

1. the Beach, well anywhere hot and sunny by the water really!
2. In a purpose build scrapbook room
3. Getting a new hair cut
4. Somewhere peaceful like the Lake District

4 things I am looking forward to this year:

1. Finding a new job that challenges me
2. Changing my lifestyle and getting healthy
3. My mun and dad having Charlotte to stay overnight occaisionally
4. Seeing my little bro settled in his new flat

4 books I have read more than once:

1. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
2. Charlie and the chocoalte factory
3. Ballet Shoes
4. Monkey Do! Nearly every night to Charlotte, she knows the words better than me!

So there are my fours, not sure that I will have lost that amount this week, well we will find out on monday won't we!

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