Friday, 12 February 2010

A fantastic week...

well in the life of a trainee teacher anyhow, have had the most amazing lessons and the kids have been fantastic this week! Which makes a change as after last week I was beginning to think that I should change career completely!

Last week wasnt a good week anyway, Steve was made redundant and that in itself has been a shock! Who know what he will do until he finds something, we shall see!

Anyhow here is a little card I made for a colleague at work who turns 50 on monday, she has seen it so its ok to post it on here! Happy Birthday Helen!

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SusieJ said...

Beautiful card Joanne.
Sorry to hear about Steven - fingers crossed he finds s'thing soon.
Don't worry about good weeks and bad weeks - we all have /had them. It's amazing how pupils can be up and down - have you noticed the "wind effect" yet? Always found them to be as high as kites if it was windy outside! I taught Sec. Frenach and the same lesson could be brilliant with one class and yet rubbish with another. It's all part of the learning process and you're doing well!
Sue xx