Thursday, 18 February 2010

A blog award!

This lovely award was given to me from one of my Docrafting buddies Alma, thank you Alma. As Im no good at doing those linky things here is her blog address check out her work!

So the conditions of this award are:that I need to pass this on to 3 more blogs, so here are my 3

1. Karen - - and trust me she really is a supermum!
2. Helen - - one of my fellow UKS teamies
3. Tracy - - both she and bubba can
enjoy this one!

I also have to give three things that I would never do!

1. I would never let Charley loose with the pink paint again!
2. I would never stop buying my crafting stuff, there will always be space for something somewhere!
3. I would never intentionally hurt someone, physically or emotionally.

By the way if anyone wants to give me a crash course in how to put proper links in please feel free to leave me a message about how to!!!!!lol!

Anyway, thank you again Alma!

I will be back later with some crafty makes that I have busy with!


Karen said...

Wow, I am feeling humbled! I have never have won anything bloggy before and I am so tickled about this.

Thanks Joanne, its made my day and when you read my blog later you will see that until this lovely surprise I was having an awful day!!!

Big thankful hugs

Karen x x

Helen said...

Thank you from me as well joanne, i dont do my blog very often and never think its that interesting, so nice of you to think of me...will update my blog later